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    We are offering limited premium services of zero payment until visa or work permit or permanent residence is approved.

    We render the following services;

    Document Review.

    One major reason admission and visa applications are refused is because the applicant never met the requirement for the program or visa applied for. This could be highly dissatisfying. At Premium Consulting Services PCS, we first peruse your qualification/document to prevent you from making the mistake of filing application for study or visa with inadequate prerequisite document. We guide you and ensure you make up with any deficiencies thereby improving your chance of successful program or visa application.

    University & Program Selection

    The task of selecting the unique program and university that suit your career and your finances could be challenging. At Premium Consulting Services (PCS), we tend to take this burden off your shoulder by presenting to you a set streamlined options for selection.

    Visa & Study Application

    Our resource persons have over 90% success rate at visa application. We hence possess the knowledge, know-how and skills necessary to ensure that our applications have a very high chance of success. The final decision is at the discretion of the Institution or embassy.

    Career Coaching and Guidance

    At Premium Consulting Services (PCS), we start by ensuring that our client have the right guidance and coaching based on where they are coming from and where they are going to. This helps to build the self confidence in our clients leading to ultimate maximization of their potentials.

    Preparatory Test.

    In some cases, an applicant for study or visa may be required to present a recent result of certain test such as IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE etc. At Premium Consulting Services (PCS), we help you select the best test that suits your need and guide your through to ensure you make good results to satisfy the requirements.

My Road to Canada

No matter the level of study you are interested in, we can help you seemlessly from pre-school, primary, secondary to post-secondary education. When it comes to career, age is not a barrier.

As a G7 nation, you expect to have the best when you visit Canada on tourism, medical or family/friends purpose.

With an unemployemnt rate of less than 8% due to the high tech. industralization Canada has to offer, it becomes inevitable to desire working in Canada!

Please note that the final issuance of study admission is at the discretion of the Institution's Admission Officer while the issuance of visa is the final decision of the Consular Officer of the Embassy.